Servants’ 3man

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the next 3 man is nearly here!

Evolution 3 Man

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It’s been a hectic few months…

Just as we moved house, we also had the Independent 3 Man at Paintball Sports, one of our local fields. It was a great tourney, and such an exciting thing to see happening in Canberra. I, of course, was there with my trusty camera, and Guy leant his hand to reffing. I think everyone who attended would agree, it was a tops Saturday!

Now with this paintball photography thing starting to take over my hard drive, my┬ápersonal facebook page, my life… I have set up a facebook page dedicated to my photos. I know I’m not that great a photographer, but everyone seems to love seeing photos of themselves playing pb! And it makes me happy to know my photos make other people happy ­čÖé So be-fan my page!┬á, because if you play paintball in Australia, chances are, I have photos of you playing!

Now, it’s about time to get excited again! Super 7’s rnd3 is under two weeks away! So dig out those gats, and come play some ball, you never know, I might take a really awesome photo of you! lol


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I just created a facebook page for my paintball pics. Somewhere to upload my PB pics after events without clogging up my personal account!

Its Cate PB Pics … I’ll put a link up when I’m on a computer that likes me …

Rather Disappointed…

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Twas a beautiful day today! It was nice and sunshiny, perfect to be outside, reffing/playing/taking pics of paintball. And I nearly was. Predator Paintball, my local field, had a bushball club day. I was uber keen to get out there and try my hand at photographing a bushball day as it would be quite different from supair. I nearly had it all organised with my “everyday” job, but alas, it seems the world doesn’t go round when I’m not there, so this fine day was spent, much like every other day of my life, inside, deprived of sunlight and oxygen. No worries though I guess. I have made sure I have Saturday the 3rd off for Canberra’s new three man. I have to say, three mans are the funnest thing to take pics of!
Hope everyone else got to spend some of todays awesomeness outside playing ball!

Paintball in the Olympics?

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There is a little rumor being whispered amongst players near and far about the possibility of paintball being included in the Olympics. As I hear, they might be playing it as an exhibition sport in the 2012 Olympics…

Rumours or not, I’m all for the inclusion of paintball in the Olympics! It’s a rad sport to watch live! And, it might just give the sport some much needed positive rep.

Bring on the Olympics!

My very own BK jersey!

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It’s pink! It has my name on it! It’s awesome! All the BK boys are awesome for giving it to me!

Thankyou sooo much! Promise to take heaps of pics of BK!

Paintball Sports 3Man

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ACT Paintball Sports is holding a 3 man tourney on Saturday 3rd July. Although this poster is only advertising it as an amature event, there will be two divisions – open and amature. To qualify as an amature you can not have played tournament paintball within the last two years, open is just that – open to anyone. No doubt I’ll be there with my trusty camera, 3 man’s are so much fun to photograph!

Round 2 was epic!

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The 15th & 16th May – was, as everyone probably knows, the second round of the Super Sevens paintball tournament for 2010, held at Action Sydney.

It was an epic weekend. Lots of paintball, catching up with friends,paintball, laughing at incredible stupid things, paintball, photography, paintball and kicking butt at paintball!

BK came in at 6th place in the pro division. Not bad considering – most of the guys had only just met friday night, they spent saturday learning each others names and not all of them had played pro, or at least not in a few years.┬áSome bad calls left them out of playing for 3rd and 4th, about 7 seconds the guys reckon, was all that stood between placing and not.

All in all, awesome weekend!


Super 7’s Round 2 Here We Come!!!

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Tomorrow we head off to Sydney for the second round of the Super 7’s tournament paintball series.
The Friday before the tournament is usually spent travelling, greeting old friends, making new ones and walking the field. Most of the┬ápballers will tell you that walking the field is one of┬áthe most important parts of the weekend. It’s there that you come up with the teams game plans, figure out how to play the field and strategise. It’s there that the atmosphere builds, the adrenaline starts to pump and everything begins to fall into place.

It’s finally here, the weekend that everyone has been working hard for since Rnd1. Over the next 3 days there will be a lot of sweat, tears and tantrums. But by Monday we will know who the best teams were and we’ll be back on the road, or in the air, travelling back to our “real” lifes, back to working hard to be ready in time for Round 3!